Large Egg Head 3.4oz
These were developed to fill the gap that musky fishermen have when fishing open water or in deeper parts of lakes and rivers they are a heavy spinner weighing in at 3.4oz Slow reel these over the deep holes and let it slowly sink into the strike zone. You can also run them like any other spinner bait over the weed tops at a fast retrieve.
Unlike most Spinner baits on the market our hook can easily be cut off and replaced to get a quick safe release of your musky. We designed them this way so you can switch up to a treble hook if you want to for open water fishing.

They are made with .062 Stainless wire, heavy stainless split ring, One single hook that is shrink tubed to keep it riding straight out the back of the bait. They are dressed with two musky sized flashabou skirt’s and have a magnum 10 blade.  You will be amazed by the thump that these baits produce.

Small Egg heads 1.8oz
Just like our Large Egg heads The Small 1.8oz versions have .062 Stainless


egg head lures
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